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Our Bernedoodles are  very unique to Australia and are a very loved family breed in America. We have worked for over five years to bring this playful, fun and loving breed to Australia. Their colours range from parti, tri coloured to single colourings.

Bernedoodles have a low shedding hypoallergenic coat which comes in different types;

Fleece coat- wavy coat (most of our puppies have this coat type)

Wool coat- curly 

Straight coat- straight 

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Please complete as much information as possible and we will touch base within a few days.

Do you have any experince with dogs or other pets?
Do you have any colour preferences? Please note it may be a little longer if you have very specific preferences.
Do you have a size preference? (noting Bernedoodles are a giant breed and therefore standard can be over hip height in size)
Do you have any gender preferences?
We place our waitlist up to about a year in advance. Is there a specific timeframe that suits you best for welcoming your new furry family member?
Our pricing is a reflection of our breeding efforts, with parents raised in a family environment and imported from the USA. Kindly verify that you have reviewed our website thoroughly and comprehended

Thanks for submitting!

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