Our F1 Groodles are very loving, friendly and ideal family companions. They are extremely gentle and love children. They thoroughly enjoy their treats which is ideal for training. Our Standard Groodles range in colours from red, apricot, gold, cream to darker golden.

Our Golden Bernedoodles are the first in Australia and are a very loved family breed in America. We have worked for over five years to bring this playful, fun and loving breed to Australia. Their colours range from parti, tri coloured to single colourings.

Groodles & Golden Bernedoodles have a low shedding hypoallergenic coat which comes in different types;

Fleece coat- wavy coat (most of our puppies have this coat type)

Wool coat- curly and takes after their Poodle side

Straight coat- straight and takes after their Golden Retriever side


Waitlist 2022

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    Thu, 25 Aug
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    25 Aug, 7:32 pm
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    F1 Groodle Gold, Cream Fleece coat Ready for their new homes early August 2022

Waitlist 2023

  • 2023
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    01 Jan 2023, 7:00 pm
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    F1 Groodle Gold, cream, darker golden Fleece coat 2023 Availability